Cozy by JZ

Dearest Reader!

I would like to share with you why I founded Cozy by JZ
and how our team and I would love to help you in your busy daily life.

We, the women of today, are doing much more than ever before. It’s amazing! But, that extra pressure on our bodies and on our minds comes with an important need to take good care of ourselves.

Selfcare can be many things, but to me to ‘hygge’ (to be cozy) is one of the best, most comfortable and efficient ways.

Hygge can be when I’m drinking a hot cocoa with my girlfriends. Dancing to my favorite playlist. Sleeping in fresh sheets. Even just taking a walk outside watching the seasons change. And I believe, we need to have little moments of hygge everyday. Moments where we stop, breathe and spoil ourselves a little bit. Taking a moment to disconnect from the pressures of the world, and reconnect with ourselves.

I started Cozy to create products that would hopefully inspire you in this way. My socks literally hug your feet first thing in the morning. My hats have extra lining around your ears, keeping you toasty while waiting for the bus.
My soft and flattering loungewear (hyggetøj) can be put on after one of those never ending days. Our products will help and spoil you at home, at work and on the road!

Much love